DEAD IN BERMUDA is a survival management game with RPG and adventure elements, in which you lead a team of 8 survivors from a plane crash on a strange island.

Assign your survivors to tasks, gain experience and level up your survival skills, research and craft new items for the camp, explore the island for resources and solve the mysteries behind an ancient atlantean prophecy.




Lead a team of desperate survivors!
  •  Manage the well-being of your team: they can die from Hunger, Fatigue, Sickness, Injury and Depression.
  • These states modify the efficiency of the characters.
  • For example, a fatigued character will get a major penalty on his Physical skills.
Develop their survival skills
  • Each action efficiency in the game is linked to a skill.
  • The skills progresses each time you use it.
  • You can also spends bonus points for each character level.




Explore your surroundings
  • Send your characters to explore the island.
  • Beware of nasty beasts and natural traps.
  • Solve the mysteries behind the strange inhabitants of the island, and find a way to escape!
Random elements each playthrough
  • The map and its content are shuffled.
  • The skills and the traits of your characters are a bit randomized.
  • The special discussion events that you get are randomized too.





We work best with people we love!
  • Characters have opinions on other characters, which can evolve during the game.
  • Good and bad opinions on characters doing the same task affect efficiency too.
  • Couples may break-up, new friendships and even love could be found between the disputes, the cries, the betrayals…
Build your camp
  • Research new ideas for your camp.
  • Craft new items with scavenged resources.
  • Manage food, crafting stations, special useable items…



The game…
  • is turn based: take your time to make the best decisions possible.
  • should last at least 7-8h to complete, and we want to expand with new content as soon as we can!
  • is made by CCCP, a small French independent game development studio existing since 2005, mostly known for making educational games.
  • is made with Love and Unity.
  • will be released on PC in summer 2015.